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Most Compelling Option I Have Seen

“Kai-Zen is the most compelling option I have seen in my search for a solution to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement.”

Head of Private Bank Life Insurance Lending-Top 10 Largest US Bank

The Perfect Program at the Perfect Time

I’m an attorney so attention to detail is very important and risk mitigation and liability minimization are key to me. Literally this was the only solution I’ve ever seen anywhere in the United States to cover all of those needs, even starting it later in life. And my only commitment is 5 payments, and the rest is leveraged. That’s the bottom line: It’s just the perfect program at the perfect time.


Something That I Couldn’t Pass Up

When I saw the Kai-Zen plan and the options it would give me when I’m ready to retire, I just thought it was an incredible option and was something that I couldn’t pass up… Get your investments going now, and if after 5 years you are loving it as much as I do, you’ll want to do a second go-around.

Technology Company CEO

Kai-Zen Changed the Status Quo

Kai-Zen changed the status quo by offering the one thing no one else was offering, leverage. Kai-Zen offered me the only real opportunity to get the extra cash I needed to fund a strategy sufficiently.

Independent Marketing Organization CEO

A Safe and Functional Component of My Portfolio

After talking to a number of insurance professionals, accountants, attorneys, financial and tax advisors and asking them to challenge the structure and the strategy, I finally came around and enrolled. I view my participation in Kai-Zen as a safe and functional component of my portfolio.

Marketing Consulting Company CEO