Oak Tree Premium Finance Is Dedicated To The Power and Leverage of Kaizen

In 1983, at the age of 32, I embarked on a fulfilling journey in the investment advisory business. For the next 35 years, I dedicated myself to this profession, establishing and nurturing Jim Barlow Advisors, which has now evolved into Plan 4 Wealth. When the time came for me to consider retirement, I made the decision to pass the torch to my son-in-law, Scott Cheshire, and Darin Arnell. I wholeheartedly endorse their expertise and can attest that they continue to manage a significant portion of my personal investments.

Being an investment advisor was not just a career for me; it was a source of joy, excitement, and constant challenge. My days began early, often at 6:00 am, as I embraced the dual responsibilities of serving my clients and delving into investment research. I found fulfillment in both aspects, diligently adhering to a service schedule and proactively reaching out to clients for review appointments. Simultaneously, my passion for researching investments led me to explore innovative approaches. I immersed myself in books on investing, held regular meetings with investment firms, conducted due diligence at their headquarters, attended investment conferences nationwide, and pursued various investment courses. At one point, I held five certifications simultaneously, a testament to my commitment to staying ahead in the field.

Even as I transitioned away from active involvement in the investment advisory business, relinquishing my security licenses, I retained a connection to the financial world. Currently, I serve as a FINRA Dispute Resolution Arbitrator for over a decade and sit on the advisory board of a private equity fund. Though my focus has shifted, I maintained my life insurance license with the hope of continuing to assist people in a more limited capacity. However, I found that I couldn’t suppress my innate curiosity and drive for improvement.

Venturing into life insurance conferences, I sought a better way within the realm of life insurance, a domain I hadn’t been particularly enamored with in the past. Despite initial skepticism, I discovered what I believe to be a superior approach—a better way to secure retirement income, enhance employee benefits, pass on wealth to family, and safeguard businesses through succession planning. Today, even in retirement, my pursuit of innovation and improvement remains unwavering. I’ve embraced Kai-Zen as the optimal approach, deeming it not just a better way but, in my humble opinion, the best way. I invite you to give me a call, allowing me the opportunity to demonstrate its remarkable capabilities firsthand.