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The Third Disadvantage of Kai-Zen: The Costs

Investing Retirement Funding

The Third Disadvantage of Kai-Zen: The Costs,  is the cash value life insurance usually has large upfront costs. Kai-Zen reduces these costs by putting a portion of your payment into term insurance, which is less expensive and adding a waiver of surrender penalty rider. Which in tern, spreads the costs over more years. This substantially reduces the cost. Now remember, Kai-Zen has five annual payments, no more. By making these changes the majority of your payment foes into your investments, first year. A small portion goes into:

The Death Benefit Protection

Critical Illness Protection

Chronic Illness Protection

Terminal Illness Protection

Long-Term Care Protection

Long-term cost of Kai-Zen is going to become less than half the cost of the internal fees of mutual funds.

Until next time, this is Jim Barlow from Oak Tree Premium Finance.