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The Fifth Disadvantage of Kai-Zen: ME!

Investing Retirement Funding

The Fifth Disadvantage of Kai-Zen: ME! I'm 72. My clients should and deserve to receive service long-term. They might not get this from me, in fact, they probably won't.  Two parts to this: First: NIW, the designers of Kai-Zen, are my partners. They get paid alongside me and recommend a service of all contracts until the loan is repaid in 15 years.  Second: I'm getting a kick out of running this business and I'm helping people. As I get even older, I really slow down, I plan to sell the business as I sold my previous business. I would make sure I sold to a firm that will continue to service my clients.  Until next time, this is Jim Barlow from Oak Tree Premium Finance. #kaizen  #retirement  #financialplanning  #retirementincome