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My 7-Point Kai-Zen Business Model

Investing Retirement Funding Insights

My 7-Point Kai-Zen Business Model.

1. I am obsessed with Kai-Zen and the benefits it offers. I want to share it with all who wish for a retirement plan, have the means to fund it, have the time to let it grow, and qualify for it. 2. I love Kai-Zen's interactive learning information system, Ilia, and how it helps prospects and clients. 3. I am pumped about Kai-zen's Amazon-like internet-based buying method. 4. I want to know and learn everything about Kai-Zen. I want to be the ultimate expert. 5. I'll share all I know and can learn for free. 6. I'm excited to build my business in this new internet social media world that finds individuals and businesses that want a retirement plan. 7. By focusing on one product, I can maintain a balance semi-retired life. A balance between my wife Barbara, my family, church service, travel, and my ultimate hobby, my business.

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