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A New Retirement Strategy

1-Minute Video:

Most executives think that investing in the stock market will generate enough income to last for the average 22 years of retirement. But, a lot of highly compensated people don’t start saving for retirement until they are in their forties.

They miss out on years of compound interest that could have generated enough income to maintain their current lifestyle in retirement. Most only save about 9% of their income, when they should be saving 33%. Using OakTree’s Premium Finance insurance strategies we can show you how using leverage can help you save for retirement… without negatively affecting your cash flow.

It will also help protect your current lifestyle in the face of chronic illness, premature death or an inability to sufficiently fund your retirement. And unlike traditional retirement plans, which are usually insufficient for high-income earners, in some of our strategies we can do this without the need for participant loans, interest payments or personal guarantees. But, the greatest advantage of leverage is that it can significantly enhance your ability to save for retirement.

To find out more about OakTree Premium Finance strategies, call us for a no obligation consultation today.

Jim Barlow

OakTree Premium Finance


Financial Advisor in Farmington, Utah 

Investment planning and wealth management