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5 annual Kai-Zen payments

Investing Retirement Funding

Hello, I'm Jim Barlow at OakTree Premium Finance. Today I'm going to talk about how 5 annual Kai-Zen payments will reach your retirement goal. For those of you that I've talked to about Kai-Zen before, you know that Kai-Zen requires 5 annual payments. Depending on a retirement goal, the amount you are willing to put into Kai-Zen each year and with the help of a unique interactive web page, we can make some solid projections.  Let's say you want $150,000 coming in at age 65. You are 45 years of age, male and in good health. Let's do one caveat. I'm going to assume no social security benefit. Well, if we plug in a yearly contribution on $70,000. The yearly benefit we would receive at age 65 would be $151,490 a year, assuming a growth rate at 5.5. Aha! Retirement achieved with 5 annual payments of $70,000 a year.  Hmmm. What if we felt we could not do $70,000 but thought we could do $40,000 a year. What would that give us? answer: $83,656. Not $150,000 but hold on. What if we did a second, new Kai-Zen for the next 5 years? How much would we have to put in? answer: $50,000 a year would give us $69,197 and that added to the $83,656 we would have $152,823 a year, starting at age 65. Voila, retirement goal achieved in 5 years or 10. Would you like to get your numbers calculated? Then, lets get together. Thanks for listening, Jim Barlow, OatTree Premium Finance. #kaizen  #retirement  #financialplanning  #retirementincome #retirementgoals