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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

"Since our founding, we have strived to maintain a 'Day One' mentality at the company. By that I mean approaching everything we do with the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of Day One. Even though Amazon is a large company, I have always believed that if we commit ourselves to maintaining a Day One mentality as a critical part of our DNA, we can have both the scope and capabilities of a large company and the spirit and heart of a small one." Jeff Bezos

"The Lord is aware of the challenges [we all]  face, and He is looking for angels willing to help. The Lord is always looking for willing volunteers to be angels in others’ lives....would you be willing to be an instrument in the Lord’s hands? Would you be willing to be one of these angels? To be an emissary, sent from God, from this side of the veil, for someone He is worried about? He needs you. They need you....Angels are needed, right now; angels who are willing to leave their comfort zone to embrace them.... I believe in angels!...I promise that if we are willing to serve, the Lord will give us opportunities to be ministering angels. He knows who needs angelic help, and He will put them in our path. The Lord puts those who need angelic help in our path daily.I am so grateful for the many angels that the Lord has put in my path throughout my life. They were needed."    
Carlos A Godoy