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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

“What you can control:• Attitude• Intensity• ConsistencyWhat you can’t control:• ResultsStop focusing on what you can’t control and start focusing on what you can.“ Sahil Bloom

“The law of love is Christ’s finishing and final message.  It is supreme and cannot be muddied.  It draws all other laws to it, as an invitation. It’s the only law that can live perpetually and fully and create forever places in the universe—forever places like Zion, heaven, the celestial kingdom—these places of perpetuity.  Without the law of love, all other laws eventually fail.  With it, all laws flourish and can find their full measure.  It is the fulfillment of the promises:  deep and abiding peace, power, progeny, and purpose.”  Steve Young