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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

"Never bring me the stat sheet again. The only stat sheet I want to see is how many turnovers I had, how many free throws I missed, how many fouls I had. I’m supposed to score points, I'm supposed to make my teammates better, I'm supposed to get assists, I'm supposed to rebound, I'm supposed to get to the free throw line, I'm supposed to play defense. [Show me] things I'm not supposed to do. I'm not supposed to miss free throws, I'm not supposed to commit careless turnovers, I'm not supposed to commit stupid fouls. Those are the things that I need to consistently get better at every single day.” Michael Jordan

"When we withhold forgiveness from others we are in effect saying that the atonement alone was insufficient to pay for this sin.  We are holding out for more. We are finding fault with the Lord’s offering.  We are in essence demanding that the Lord repent of an insufficient atonement.  So when we fail to forgive another, it is as if we are failing to forgive the Lord—who, as you [know] needs no forgiveness." James L Ferrell