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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

“Being all in is the lost art of really committing to something. Real commitment is hard.  Technology and social media have raised our awareness and we live in a constant state of FOMO (Fear of missing out).  We live in the ultimate on-demand world—where there’s always a back up plan, where there’s always an off-ramp, and where commitment feels binding to a lot of people.I am here to testify that the only way to feel successful in life is to make decisions wisely, and then act on those decisions with 100% commitment.Ryan Smith, Qualtrics Chairman and Utah Jazz owner 

“I love that when the Savior was walking on the water, Peter’s like, ‘I want to come out to you.  I can do that, I can walk on the water.’  I feel like that all the time.  When I feel the Spirit, I feel like I could walk right out in that water and race to the Savior with miracles in my wake.  But then I experience what Peter experienced when he saw the wind and waves boisterous.  And he began to sink.  And he began to sink deeper. . . .Sometimes I think ‘all in’ is when Peter jumped out on the water to walk to the Savior.  And I think the tremendous moment, the ‘all in’ moment, was when Peter was literally all in the water.  And he was sinking.  And I’ve learned that the deeper we sink the more the upward pull that the Savior gives us, the more we will feel that upward pull of the Savior.  And Peter was  all in, and I have felt that too.  All in, not just all in the gospel, but all in maybe even over my head, trying to be like the Savior and failing miserably.  But what did Peter say in that moment?  He said, ‘Lord, save me.’  And I think being all in the gospel is having the hope with all of our heart, striving for the faith. . . that God is all in our lives enough that when we sink, He will pull us out.”  Steven Sharp Nelson, cellist of ‘The Piano Guys’