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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

“The basic pattern is to identify the fundamental doctrine or principle that is being taught, find invitations to act related to that doctrine or principle, and then also recognize the promised blessings that will come as we act in accordance with that invitation.” David Bednar

“When the fight against sin, Satan, and temptation gets hard, do not give up. As Russell M. Nelson urged in a recent post, ‘Resolve to be resolute.’ To have resolve is to maintain hope in the face of great opposition. Someone I greatly admire once said, ‘resolve illuminates the righteous fated path that we shall walk together hereafter.(Giorno Giovanna)’We are not alone in our perseverance. We may fight this fight together with each other and with Christ, and as long as we are willing to continue on the path of righetousness, Christ will light the way. Even in our loneliest moments, we remain accompanied by Christ and by Satan as well. I urge you all to heed the former, for if you build your foundation upon Christ, according to Helaman 5, Satan will have no power over you.” Maxwell D Briggs

“People do not need to agree with each other in order to connect…. They merely need to confirm each other as real presences that they will take seriously and consider rather than summarily dismiss or ignore on surface grounds—whether because of race, for example, class, gender, religious belief, political party, or any number of other categorical grounds.  Real encounter and relation does not require agreement." Jim Ferrell