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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

“The brilliance of the stars would be invisible without the vast darkness of space behind them. Do not wish away the difficult portions of life. They provide the contrast needed to appreciate the joyful moments." James Clear 

"I truly believe there can be no casual Christians, for if we are not watchful and resolute, we will become in the heat of battle a Christian 'casualty.' And each of us knows some of those. Perhaps we ourselves have at sometime been wounded. We weren’t strong enough. We hadn’t cared enough. We didn’t stop to think. The war was more dangerous than we had supposed. The temptation to transgress, to compromise, is all around us, and too many of us, even as members of the Church, have fallen victim. We partook of Christ’s 'flesh and blood unworthily,' and we ate and drank damnation to our soul (3 Nephi 18:28–29)." Jeffrey R Holland