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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.

“As a child, Steve Jobs was fascinated with electronics. He would grab householditems like radios and remote controls, take them apart, explore how they worked, and put them back together. Jobs' ability to deconstruct and then reconstruct electronics helped him learn how each component interacted with the other. At the time, little did he know that he was learning a powerful key to success: Everything is made of systems, and before you can improve something, you must understand how the system works.The same is true for human performance. The first step to improving results is to examine the system driving your outcomes. The effectiveness of one element of your system doesn't ensure success, but the failure of one element can derail everything.” Justin Su’a

“I'm sure many of you are setting aside time today to write down your resolutions for the coming year. May I make a few suggestions?First, resolve to strengthen your spiritual foundation. This may involve setting a specific time and place to study the scriptures, praying more often, making temple worship a bigger priority, and letting God prevail in all aspects of your life.Second, resolve to be kind to others. When the Savior Jesus Christ visited the Americas, as recorded in the Book of Mormon, one of the first things He taught was the need to eliminate contention in our lives. So, please be compassionate, be understanding, be slow to judge, and be quick to forgive.Third, resolve to be resolute. The Lord loves effort.The Lord loves consistency. The Lord loves steadfastness. While we surely will come up short from time to time, our persistent efforts to hear Him and follow the inspiration He gives us will help us to "wax strong in the Spirit" (Mosiah 18:26).May God bless you, my dear friends, and may this be a wonderful year of purpose and possibilities for all of us.” President Russell M Nelson, 1/1/2022