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WeaKly QuoTe: Sometimes Weekly, sometimes Weakly, sometimes not so Weakly.2

“The law of love is not just some nice idea.  It is THE way to your deepest desires, the most righteous yearnings of your heart—that place of perpetuity where nothing rots or decays, that Zion, that place of celestial peace where Christ the Healer has alchemized all pain into beauty.  The only way to receive those things you most want is through the law of love.”  Steve Young  

“I’m not negotiating with myself. The deal was a already made. The deal was made. When I set out at the beginning of the summer. I said, This is the training plan I’m doing! I signed that contract with myself. I’m doing it. You know throughout that process you start talking to yourself. ‘Man I gotta…I think I need to…Maybe if we… Nope’ This is non-negotiable .” Kobe Bryant