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Tax Free Income

If you’re a high wage earner invested in a traditional IRA or 401K, you may be sitting on a ticking tax bomb. America has a debt problem that is far greater than you may realize. The U.S. debt is reported to be around 26 trillion dollars, but if the Federal Government were forced to report all its unfunded liabilities the way a public company does, it would be closer to 126 trillion dollars.

In order to address the deficit, what if Washington decides to raise taxes? As a high wage earner, you’re already paying more than your fair share of taxes, and a tax increase in retirement could force you to save more, spend less and possibly put you at risk of running out of money.

Fortunately, there is a potential solution…an OakTree designed premium financed life insurance policy. It gives retirees the ability to create income in retirement that is potentially tax-free, through an insurance policy.

Don’t let an unexpected tax increase jeopardize the retirement lifestyle you’ve worked so hard for. To find out more about OakTree Premium Finance strategies, call us for a no obligation consultation today.

Jim Barlow

OakTree Premium Finance


Financial Advisor in Farmington UT

Wealth management, retirement planning and estate planning