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Some interesting Retirement Facts

Some sad interesting retirement facts.  1. 1/3 of Americans age 55 and above don't have a retirement fund. A 2018 study by the Government of Accountability revealed 1/3 of Americans aged 55 and above. 2. Americans believe they need 1.7 million to retire based on research on swab retirement services. I agree. Depending on your premium retirement income it might be a lot larger. 3. The savings of older households total an average of $59,500. That's significantly far from the above-mentioned 1.7 million retirement fund. 4. Social security pays retirees an average of 1,460,000.52 monthly. that's an average of 17,634.24 annually. not very many 5. Pensioners have a tad more income security. The average private pension is 9,376 annually. However, there are only 31% of retirees with pension plans.  These are sad interesting retirement facts. I can help most! If you want a better retirement, you have some means to do so, you have the time to grow, and you can qualify for the investment I can help. Want to know more? Let's get together!

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🟧WHAT IS KAI-ZEN?  Kai-Zen is a strategy that helps you maintain your current lifestyle in the event of a chronic illness, premature death or an inability to sufficiently save for retirement.  Protecting your earnings is critical to insuring your ability to save for retirement. Due to limitations, traditional retirement plans are typically insufficient for high-income earners. If you want to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, you need a proactive strategy that puts more money toward protecting your future income without putting a drain on your current finances. Kai-Zen is the ONLY strategy that uses leverage to help you acquire more of the benefits you need to financially protect yourself and your family. Its unique fusion of financing and life insurance offers you more protections and the potential to earn more for retirement than you could obtain without leverage.