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Premium Finance

1-Minute Video:

If you’re a high net worth individual or the owner of a successful business, you may be considering employing a life insurance strategy to protect the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate. The problem is, paying insurance premiums may disrupt your cash flow. But what if you could use other people’s money to cover those premiums?

At OakTree Premium Finance we have strategies that can help you purchase the life insurance you need, without tying up or liquidating your assets… and without disrupting your cash flow to pay premiums. Borrowing money to pay premiums allows you to retain capital for personal and business investment, while potentially increasing the rate of return on the cash value of your insurance policy.

Our traditional premium financed strategies work best for high net worth individuals who want permanent life insurance, while also retaining control of their assets. As with any important decision, you should discuss both the risks and benefits of this advanced strategy with a financial professional.

To find out more about OakTree Premium Finance strategies, call us for a no obligation consultation today.

Jim Barlow

OakTree Premium Finance


Financial Advisor in Farmington, Utah 

Investment planning and wealth management