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Leverage and Retirement

1-Minute Video:

The wealthy know how to use leverage to their advantage… and now you can too. Using Oak Tree Personal Finance insurance strategies, we can show you how properly employing leverage can significantly grow your retirement nest egg. In one of our strategies your contributions are matched by the lender for the first five years. The lender uses that as security for the additional funds for the next five years.

Your contributions are then used to fund a cash accumulation life insurance policy. A minimum amount is used to fund the living and death benefits, while the majority is used to maximize your tax-advantaged growth. Along with the cash accumulation features built into the policy to protect your money, you could enjoy a 60-100% growth in retirement income. To find out more about OakTree Premium Finance strategies, call us for a no obligation consultation today.

Jim Barlow

OakTree Premium Finance


Financial Advisor in Farmington, Utah 

Investment planning and wealth management