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How Do You Know If You Qualify For Kai-Zen?

Investing Retirement Funding

Jim Barlow at OakTree Premium Finance specializes in the Kai-Zen strategy.

What are the qualifiers of Kai-Zen? The requirements! You could also call this the first disadvantage of Kai-Zen.

1. Kai-Zen uses a life insurance policy as its chassis. Therefore, you must be insurable, in fact, you need to be insurable at a standard or better rating.

2. You must be 65 or younger.

3. Kai-Zen requires five annual payments, no more, just five. The minimum is about 22k-40k, depending upon age. Let me give you some examples: If you are less than 45, it is $22k. If you are exactly 55, the minimum is $27K and if you are 60, the minimum is $35k. If you are the maximum age, 65, the minimum is $40K

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